Multipli Credit Union HQ

Springfield, Missouri

Rebranding with a new name and a bold message of “refined banking” through advanced technology, Multipli Credit Union knew the full-service flagship location in southeast Springfield had to live up to the vision. Their new space is both fresh and timeless—breaking conventions while building on aesthetics with staying power. 

Gradient metal panels grace the front and rear facades, multicolor flooring shows off the distinctive brand palette, LED fixtures illuminate stairs, and abundant natural light enters through Structural Silicon Glazed (SSG) ribbon windows. Shared spaces optimize the layout’s center capacity, with mechanical areas on the perimeter, making the most of Multipli’s current 20,000 square feet plus 5,000 square feet of lease space on each floor. Credit-union personnel and tenants can enjoy a rooftop patio, game room, large break room with restaurant-style seating, and an underground parking garage.