Colleen Hargis

human operations manager

Organizational strength.  After a year full of lessons for everyone, Colleen joined the hdesigngroup team in 2021 with the goal of helping our growing firm be as efficient and collaborative as possible.  She gets inspired by being a part of awesome teams that drive their projects with synergy, quality, and fun.  After working for several developers, this self-proclaimed “history nerd” is excited to be involved in this side of the industry because she loves architecture and the stories it tells.

As a military brat, Colleen has lived all over the world and came to Springfield to attend Missouri State University where she earned her degree in accounting.  The travel bug stuck with her though and she’s happiest when she’s connecting with the world in some way.  Whether she’s in the garden with her dogs, cooking with her family, or jumping out of airplanes (yes, really), Colleen is convinced there’s a lot of world left to see and she’s not done yet!